2 Minute Speech On India Of My Dreams In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the India of my dreams. The India of my dreams would be a fully self-sufficient nation. All of the country’s arid, uncultivated terrain would be farmed to produce food grains. I want women to live autonomous lives free from societal shame. It is important to keep in mind that there are still many areas of India where patriarchy is prevalent.

In the India of my dreams, there should be no poverty, no starvation, and adequate housing for everybody. Poor children should attend school to give them the confidence to face the world and lead successful lives. The divide between the affluent and the poor shouldn’t exist. Discrimination based on caste has been the main barrier to Indian society’s development. India has to be free of corruption for the country to develop.

It is important to have good sanitation because it prevents villagers, especially women, from stepping outside and risking their health. The Indian armed forces have to be supplied with cutting-edge equipment.

The India of my dreams I want the next generation to live better lives and receive what they are due as citizens of this nation. I want my nation to remain politically stable and impartial, and our democracy to be the best it can be. Every element of our life should be free of corruption. There shouldn’t be any form of inequality, taxes should be applied both legally and practically, and the wealth gap should be closed. Thank you.