2 Minute Speech On Human Rights In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on human rights. Human rights are described as the entitlement to life, liberty, equality, and respect for all people. The portion of our Constitution that comes after the Rights and the Fundamental Rights grants each citizen of the country their own fundamental rights. The fundamental rights are the fundamental human rights that each and every person of the nation is entitled to, regardless of caste, background, religion, color, status, or sex. The parts were very important additions to the Constitution between 1957 and 1949.

The six essential human rights recognized in India are the right to freedom, the right to equality, the right against exploitation, the right to freedom of religion, culture, and expression, and the right to seek remedies within the constitution. Internationally, the government of a country may prosecute the individual for violating international human rights, humanitarian laws, or crimes against humanity, or another country may do this as well under the “universal jurisdiction.”

On March 21st, Human Rights Day is observed in South Africa as a mark of respect for the Sharpeville Massacre. There are 246 million children working on the globe now, which is against human rights. Access to the internet was declared one of the basic human rights by the UN in 2011. By the year 2015, the death penalty had been abolished in four nations. Many individuals do not fully understand their fundamental rights, thus education about these rights is necessary so that people can live impartial lives. Thank you.