2 Minute Speech On Hindi Diwas In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on hindi diwas. Every year on September 14th, the Hindi Diwas is a celebration honoring the Hindi language and Indian culture. Hindi became India’s official language on September 14, 1949, according to a decision made by the Constitution. It was determined in 1953 to recognize September 14th as Hindi Diwas every year in India in order to honor the significance of this choice and to promote Hindi in all spheres of life.

Since then, India has observed Hindi Diwas on September 14 each year in order to help Indians recognize their obligations and appreciate their own language. On Hindi Day, a ceremony is held in which rewards are awarded to those who utilize and promote Hindi at work in an effort to inspire people to learn the language.

Hindi Diwas connects the nation’s citizens and serves as a reminder of our genuine identity. The holiday of Hindi Diwas encourages us to feel patriotic. Every year, Hindi Diwas is observed to highlight the significance of Hindi and to promote it among all generations. In schools, universities, and other institutions, Hindi Diwas is observed. On a national level, Hindi Diwas is also observed. On this day, the nation’s president honors individuals who have excelled in any endeavor connected to the Hindi language.

On this day, debate tournaments, poetry contests, story contests, speech contests, etc. are arranged at schools and colleges in addition to other programs. Additionally, educators speak Hindi to highlight the language. There are Hindi essay contests in several schools. Men and women also dress traditionally in Indian kurta pajamas and saris, respectively. Thank you.