2 Minute Speech On Health And Hygiene In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on health and hygiene. Good habits and rituals that promote health and illness prevention are referred to as hygiene. Being healthy goes beyond only being physically strong and healthy. One should also be in good mental health. 

For a person’s social, economic, and personal development, good health is essential. Only when a person is in good physical and mental health and free from disease can one be considered healthy. The three foundations of a healthy body and mind are diet, exercise, and sleep. The immune system aids in defending the body against viruses and poisons so that illnesses can be treated by the body promptly.

Obesity, stress, and heart issues are on the rise due to our hurried lifestyle and junk food consumption. To achieve good health, live a basic, controlled lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. We have learned the value of cleanliness and personal hygiene thanks to the Covid epidemic. Those who practiced good cleanliness were immune to the disease. God aids people who practice cleanliness, according to this.

By keeping yourself clean, you not only protect yourself but also those around you. A comprehensive definition of cleanliness would include your body, mind, spirit, and environment. To have the best possible quality of life, keep everything tidy. One of the things that contribute to a healthy existence is cleanliness. It alludes to having a clean habit. It is a wonderful habit that can enhance one’s quality of life. Thank you.