2 Minute Speech On Gender Inequality In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on gender inequality. The notion that women and men are not equal is known as gender inequality. It constitutes discrimination. It may also be viewed as sexism in some circumstances. Regardless of gender, we must all work together to build a society where everyone is treated with respect and decency.

The phrase “gender equality” has been in use since the 1800s. It is the concept of existing in a society where men and women are afforded the same opportunities, duties, and power. Gender equality has still not been realized in the modern world. Still today, discrimination against women is based on their gender. Discrimination can take many different forms, including unequal pay, violence or sexual harassment against women, a lack of representation in business and politics, etc.

The first and most blatant reason for gender disparity is the fact that women do not have the same opportunities as men in terms of jobs and education. This is partly due to the fact that women are less likely than males to pursue higher education, and that when they do, they frequently struggle harder to obtain jobs after graduation.

The way that women are depicted in the media significantly contributes to gender inequity. As a result of being portrayed as being less clever than males, women may feel less secure in their talents and may decide against pursuing further education or a professional path that would allow them to earn more money. Thank you.