2 Minute Speech On Electricity In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on electricity. For this generation, going without electricity is not an option. But keep in mind that humans did not always have access to electricity in decades past.

Energy is something like electricity. Scientists Benjamin Franklin of the United States and Michael Faraday of Britain both played significant roles in the knowledge of the nature of electricity. Additionally, Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla made contributions to the development of electrical goods including lightbulbs, generators, and power plants.

Using water power, sunshine, or other mechanical processes, electricity can be produced at a low cost. As a result, it goes by many names, including hydroelectricity, biogas, solar power, wind power, and more. In modern homes, electricity is utilized for a variety of things, including lighting, fans, and electrical appliances. Electricity provides us with power and heat and is utilized for a variety of things. In industries, electricity is frequently used to power machinery and for various functions.

Other modern uses of electricity include transportation and entertainment. Electricity is used every day by trains, cable cars, and trolleybuses to transport people. Additionally, electric power is required to operate devices like mobile phones, televisions, and radios. Without electricity, we would not be living in the Computer Age. 

Despite its many benefits, electricity must occasionally be handled carefully. Any abuse or excessive use might result in a fire, a shock, or even lethal results. Electricity is thus both a helpful ally and a lethal foe. And we must use it wisely while exercising prudence and responsibility. Thank you.