2 Minute Speech On Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. The expression is self-explanatory and has a significant meaning. It implies that we shouldn’t judge people solely by their appearance. In actuality, a person’s actions and character count the most.

Looking at an object or person’s immediate external aspects is quicker and easier. Many find it difficult to deal with the unsettling sensation of uncertainty (anxiety) that comes with speaking to strangers, so in order to make things easier on themselves, they assign their new friend a label and act in accordance with that label.

External appearances might be very deceptive. You can find yourself drawn to an attractive person, but it could be disastrous for your life. Taking things at face value is silly since some items that appear so good are completely worthless. A person must be evaluated on the basis of his or her abilities, not just on the outside.

By looking at someone’s appearance, you can learn nothing about them. Never let something be used to evaluate someone’s character. Something that lacks attractive features could be considerably more valuable than something that is. 

In conclusion, it is wrong to judge people based just on their appearance. Some individuals believe that a book’s cover, with its designer color and elaborate writing, makes it superior to a plain book. But that doesn’t always happen, and a book’s contents could not match your expectations, therefore you should never judge a book or a person by their cover. Thank you.