2 minute speech on conservation of wildlife In English

Good morning everyone present, today I am going to talk about the conservation of wildlife. The well-known wildlife photographer and campaigner Paul Oxton declares, “Humanity cannot continue to watch in silence as our wildlife is used, abused, and exploited. Before it’s too late, it’s time for us to come together and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Extinction implies eternal life. True, the condition of the wildlife in underdeveloped nations is appalling.

The most hazardous animal to ever inhabit the world is a man! According to a sign in a zoo in Lusaka, Zambia. He has wiped out all of the world’s forests. He has contaminated the air we breathe in his blind industrialization race.

Poor, helpless animals are being forced to pay the price for human selfishness. A few animal species are disappearing at a startling rate. The subsequent generation won’t be able to witness many magnificent animals, even in the zoo, if the current situation is allowed to continue. Watch Animal Planet or BBC Earth, both produced by Sony, if you wish to learn about the heartbreaking tales of animal suffering and injustices. Knowing how these helpless, defenseless animals are being slaughtered by local guys and poachers will make you sick to your stomach.

The earth that God created should be shared equally by humans and animals. Denying someone the right to live in their own house is wrong on moral and ethical grounds. Animals live in forests and other ecosystems by nature. We must cease using them for entertainment and food, and murdering them. Thank you.