2 Minute Speech On Artificial Intelligence In English

Good morning to everyone present. I’m here to focus on the subject of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the capacity for machines to carry out a variety of tasks with assistance from people. Machines can learn, solve issues, make plans, think, etc. with the help of artificial intelligence. As an illustration, artificial intelligence is the replication of human intelligence by robots. Artificial intelligence is a field of technology that is developing quickly each day. It is anticipated that in the not-too-distant future, artificial intelligence will dramatically alter human life and, most likely, put an end to all of the world’s difficulties by resolving major problems.

Despite appearing to be a relatively new technology, artificial intelligence actually has a long history. It is thought that concepts from artificial intelligence were employed in Greek mythology.

Warren McCulloch and Walter Pits initially proposed the artificial neuron model in 1943. After seven years, in 1950, Alan Turing submitted a research paper on AI with the working title “Computer Machinery and Intelligence.” John McCarthy, who is regarded as the father of artificial intelligence, first used the term in 1956.

The future of the planet will be artificial intelligence, we can conclude. Experts predict that we won’t be able to break away from this technology because it will soon become a necessary component of our daily lives. AI would alter how we now live. This technology will revolutionise society since it will permanently alter how we live.