2 Minute Speech On A Famous Personality In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on a famous personality. We see celebrities around us, such as football players or famous musicians, who constantly deal with spreading rumors or false claims. Fame is not an easy thing because it has implications and problems that a person must know how to cope with. Being famous prevents you from leading a normal life since everyone around you is watching everything you say and do.  There are many famous people around us, but not all of them are beneficial to society or give it what it needs to advance, and this is the biggest flaw in celebrities.

Celebrities are typically wealthier than the ordinary public, especially successful actors and athletes. When a person achieves fame, their aspirations of expensive clothes, opulent automobiles and mansions, and other materialistic pleasures come true. For example, someone like Cristiano Ronaldo has an incredible lifestyle. 

People frequently criticize celebrities based on their personal habits and affairs. The fabricated stories have occasionally traumatized celebrities. Everywhere they go, devoted fans surround them. Consider Tom Cruise as an example. What would occur if he went to a mall on a typical day? He’d be pestered for photos and autographs. 

In conclusion, for many people, fame is a double-edged sword. The positive benefits of being a celebrity, however, outweigh the negative ones. Since everything has a price, who wouldn’t want to treasure life and renown despite the modest cost. Thank you.