10 Lines Essay on Mickey Mouse in English for Students

  1. Mickey Mouse is a very famous cartoon character, well loved by children all over the world.
  2. The first time this character came out was in the year 1928.
  3. Ever since its origination, it won the hearts of many and is still very popular even today.
  4. Disney is credited for this character’s production.
  5. Mickey Mouse was not the character’s original name. Rather it’s original name was Mortimer Mouse. 
  6. Mickey Mouse as a character portrays very deep and significant emotions like that of happiness and harmony in families and friends. 
  7. It was first created as a silent character but with time the creators of this character, Mickey Mouse let it talk which did a great upgrade of more viewers. 
  8. This character was slowly made in colour in the year 1935 which brought in more attention.
  9. This character’s trademark is it’s gloves and oversized shoes. 
  10.  This character gave Walt Disney an even brighter future after its creation. It is also said that Walt himself admits that his success “all started by a mouse”.