1 Minute Speech on Nature Conservation In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I will be giving a short speech on the topic of ‘Nature Conservation’.

Mahatma Gandhi had said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”. However, man has indeed succumbed to greed and is mercilessly disrupting Earth, as in, Nature in itself.

We need to immediately put a stop to this. Conserving nature is extremely crucial in today’s times, bearing in mind the state of our future generations to come. Without nature and the resources it provides, the survival of the human race as a whole would cease to exist. And that is what will happen, given the rapid destruction of nature taking place.

Before pointing fingers at others and waiting for someone to save nature, let us all take small initiatives to help nature conservation. Let’s plant trees. Let’s save electricity. Let’s save water. Let us consume fuels such as petroleum less. Let us also use ACs less and conserve nature. 

Thank you.