1 Minute Speech on Gratitude In English

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, a wonderful morning to all of you. Today on this special occasion, I would like to speak some words on the topic- Gratitude.

Gratitude is the act of being grateful or thankful to someone or something. It is one of the most important values in life. We are always surrounded by people who do so much for us, and we must always remember to be grateful to them. By expressing our gratitude towards them, we bring happiness to them as well as ourselves.

People deserve to be thanked for all the ways in which they help us, no matter how small it might be. Gratitude teaches us the value of their actions by showing them how grateful we are. Gratitude makes this world a much brighter and happier place.

To conclude, we must never forget the value of gratitude! Thank you for listening to me so attentively.