1 Minute Speech on Courage In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I’ll be giving a small speech on the topic ‘Courage’.

Courage, essentially, is to be brave in the face of challenges. One should never cower before any difficulty whatsoever and face it head-on.

Courage is a quality every one of us must possess. While it is indeed easier said than done, we must never succumb to our fears. If we do that, we’ll never be able to succeed in life and achieve our desired goals. 

Phobias notwithstanding, it can be noticed that most of our fears are irrational. Our fears mostly stem from insecurities, self-preservations, and self-doubts that we harbour. Let go of them! 

Sometimes, all it needs is a bit of courage. Courage, the bane to our irrational fears, will be the key to success hence.

Be brave! Go for it! Nothing is impossible! 

Thank you.