1 Minute Speech On 14th August Independence Day In English

A very good morning to one and all present. Today, I’ll be talking about the 14th August Independence day.

What is special about this day? Independence day of which country? Why, this is the Independence day of Pakistan, just one day before India got its own independence on the 15th of August in the year 1947!

On this eventful day, Pakistan was declared to be an independent country with the efforts of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, its first governor-general. For the first time, it was recognized as a country separate from India and not as part of it after its long struggle. 

Pakistanis celebrate this day as the day they got a land to call their own, where Muslims could practice their religion freely. This day bears witness to proud Pakistanis with their white flags held high.

Happy Pakistan Independence Day!

Thank you.