The American Scholar Summary & Analysis in English | Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fragmentation of Society Emerson uses the text of his essay to trigger a response in the American writers, intellectuals and scholars. He begins with a criticism of the fragmentation of society in terms of occupations and mercantile classes. He considers it a roadblock to the true progress of society. He encourages them to celebrate their … Read more

The Art of War Book Summary & Analysis Chapter-wise by Sun Tzu

Introduction The 5th Century text is one of the earliest treatises on military conduct and battle strategy. Written by Sun Tzu or ‘Fugitive Warrior’ the text has been exploited by numerous army generals and emperors to establish and consolidate their reign of power and domination like Mao Zedong etc. The origins of the text and … Read more

The Ailing Planet Summary by Nani Palkhivala

The article critiques the dangers of the unsustainable path of modern development and incessant abuse of nature’s gifts. The irrational and unrestricted use without judicious mitigation strategy and conservation has led to a point where the safety of our planet is critically jeopardized and its ability to self-regulate hampered immensely.  He supports the urgency by giving UN data which shows … Read more