Write An Application To The Principal For Absent In School Due To Out Of Station By Parents In English

The Principal
Mal Dev Public School

Subject:- An application for absent in school due to out of station by parents

Respected Sir,

  I am writing this application to bring to your kind attention the fact that my son, Kaushik, is studying in 9th standard in your school. Yesternight, while returning from the playground, Kaushik fell and dislocated his angle as a result. He has been recommended for emergency surgery by the doctor. Due to his surgery, all the family has traveled to the city with Kaushik so that he does not feel alone and depressed. As you know this is the time when all the family is meant to be together. Please take notice of his absence and allow him a sick leave for one week as he is out of station and unable to attend the school. I take full responsibility for his classwork and tests. I also assure you that he shall join the class as soon as he recovers.

Yours Sincerely
Kaamil (Kaushik’s Father)