Taoon in Islam-Origin and Background

Allah ????? says in Qur’an:
“& when we said, go to that settlement, then eat as per your desire (no restrictions) & enter the door (of Bait-ul-Muqaddas) by prostrating & asking forgiveness & we will forgive you, & it is near that we will give you more ¤
& the cruels reversed the order that was given to them so we alighted a punishment (Taoon) on them from the sky, the revenge of their disobedience ¤ [Al Qur’an 2:57-59]


Taoon is a divine punishment that was imposed on Bani Isra’el when they did not enter Bait-ul-Muqaddas by prostrating & reciting Repentance or Istagfar (as the order of Allah ?????). It killed 24,000 of them.

This divine punishment i.e. Taoon came on the preceding Ummahs also. One could remain aloof from this punishment by following the following advice,
“if it occurs in your city, don’t run away from it & if it occurs in another city, don’t go there.”

The person who attains patience in Taoon, if remains alive, will die the death of Martyr. (Sahih Muslim)

Any mistake on my part may please be forgiven.


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