Great Expectations Part 2 (20-39)

Pip reaches England and waits for Jaggers. During this time, he goes out to see the surrounding area. Jaggers comes and is surrounded by a group of people.

Talking harshly, he makes them go away one by one and takes Pip to his home where he meets Wemmick, the clerk of Jaggers.

Wemmick takes Pip to Herbert Pocket, the son of Pip’s tutor. In no time, they become friends and suddenly recognise that they had met each other before. Herbert was the pale young man whom Pip repeatedly defeated in the fight at Miss. Havisham’s house (Satis House).

Pip being a rustic boy requests Herbert to make him a gentleman. Herbert readily agrees. While having dinner, Herbert tells Pip that Miss. Havisham lost her mother during her childhood and later her half-brother (Arthur) misused her fortune.  

She fell in love with a person of the low class who first assured her to bring her fortune back from her half-brother but deceived her by running away on the day of marriage.

In fact, he had made some deal with Arthur. Miss. Havisham remained single. She adopted Estella whom she kept taking revenge from all the males.

The next day Pip goes to Matthew Pocket house to be tutored. In the house, he meets all the family members and his fellow mates whom he does not like.  

Pip and Wemmick become good friends and both go to see Jaggers in the courtroom where he frights even the judge. The culprit does not dare to say anything in front of him.

Pip goes to the house of Wemmick and considers it as a castle having Gothic features. Wemmick introduces him to his old parent. Pip is treated well there. 

Biddy writes a letter to Pip informing him about Joe’s upcoming trip to London. Pip does not like this. When Joe enters the Pip’s house, the latter treats him in a cold way. However, as Joe talks about Miss.

Havisham and Estella, Pip starts talking with great interest. However, it is too late. Joe is hurt and after apologising for his visit, he goes back. To make for his mistake and to see Estella, Pip travels to his town. In the coach, he sees the two convicts along with Police officer. Pip recognises the one who gave him money in the pub.

Pip does not feel comfortable with them and as the coach enters the town he rides off it. He goes to Blue Boar where he comes to know that Pumblechook has taken the credit for raising his (Pip’s) status. 

Pip goes to Satis House. He is quite astonished to find Orlick there. On seeing Estella, Pip forgets about his status and fortune and considers himself inferior to her. 

Havisham forces him again and again to love Estella. However, when Pip tries to talk to Estella, she remains cold to him. Pip also comes to know that Jaggers is also there.

Pip tells Jaggers about the character of Orlick and thus the latter is fired from the job of Havisham. While walking in the streets, Pip is taunted by some tailor. Thus he becomes quite depressed and returned to London in the same condition. 

There he tells about his love story to Herbert who tries to make him happy. Later Herbert also tells about his love with Clara whom he cannot marry due to his poverty.

After their conversation overs, they go to the theatre where Wopsle is going to play a ridiculous Hamlet role. A number of nobles are also there. After the play is over, Wopsle remains sorrowful because of his shortcoming during the play.

Pip tries to make him feel better. Pip receives a letter from Estella who asks him to meet her at a London station. Being much worried about her, he reaches the station very early in the morning.

There he meets Wemmick who takes him to prison and shows him some convicts who are going to be executed. Pip feels quite uncomfortable there.

Pip meets Estella and takes her to a restaurant where they take tea. After that, they depart for the place where she is supposed to live. During the time he spends with her, Pip remains depressed and feeling of inferiority remains in him. 

He also regrets his cold behaviour towards Joe and Biddy. Being depressed he tries to make his condition better by trying to be rich. As a consequence, he as well as Herbert go into debt. One morning Pip receives a letter telling about the death of his sister.

He goes back to town and feels deep grief over the loss of his sister. Pumblechook irritates him a lot by over-praising him. Pip tries to restore friendship with Biddy and Joe and promises to pay visits to them often. Next day he returns back to London.

It is the occasion of the 21st birthday of Pip which marks his adulthood. Now onwards he becomes eligible to receive payments directly from his fortune instead of going to Jaggers for it.

He compels Jaggers to tell the person who made his fortune. But Jaggers does not disclose the secret. Pip invites Jaggers to participate in his birthday dinner.

The condition of Herbert remains quite miserable due to debts and Pip desires to help him secretly. He goes to Wemmick who first does not take interest in his affair but later agrees to make Herbert partner of a merchant.

Pip also meets Miss Skiffins, the girlfriend of Wemmick.  Seeing the success of his friend, Pip feels quite joyful. However, he does not reveal to Herbert that he himself is the one behind his success.

Pip goes to Mrs Brandley’s house, where he accompanies Estella throughout the day making all her suitors quite jealous of him. Both go to Satis House where Estella and Havisham fall into an argument. 

Pip also acknowledges the shocking fact that Drummle, his companion, is courting Estella. He enquires about the matter but Estella does not take his complaints seriously thus adding to the miseries of Pip.

One rainy night when Herbert has gone out of business, Pip hears the sound footsteps. He gets frightened and tries to recognise him. Soon he learns that the stranger is no else but the same convict whom he gave file and knife. 

The convict tells him that the person who made his fortune is none but he himself. He requests Pip to allow him to take a sleep in his house. Pip arranges his bedroom. Pip remains thoughtful and fearful throughout the night.