My Dream City Mumbai essay in English

Mumbai is one of the most colourful cities of India. It is popularly known as the dream city for many people, especially for the ones who want to join the Indian Film Industry. Mumbai was previously known as Bombay and it is the capital of Maharashtra.

Mumbai is one of India’s largest cities which is also the financial and entertainment capital of India. Marathi is the main language of the state and Kabadi is the state sport. Gateway of India is the symbol of Mumbai.

It is the tourists’ centre. One of the most iconic hotels of India, the Taj Mahal Palace is located in Mumbai. It is famous for Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The city is known for its popular nightlife.

It is a city which never sleeps. Life is Mumbai tends to be very busy. More than thousands of people from all around the country come to Mumbai every day to fulfil their dreams.

Away from the busy, chaotic life of Mumbai, people do seek for mental peace and harmony. They visit places like Haji Ali Dargah and Marine Drives to attain some soothing experiences. The surroundings of these special places are filed with a shiny and attractive fresh breeze.

The biggest celebration of Ganesh Chathurthi is seen in Mumbai. People of Mumbai celebrate the festival in a grand manner.

Mumbai is famous for the street markets and high-end malls. As for instance, Hill road, Colaba Causeway and Palladium are considered to be some of the country’s best shopping hubs. The city is also famous for its street foods like vada pav, sev puri, coconut water and falooda.