seo optimisation

A website which is not seo (search engine optimisation) optimised is worthless. It will not be shown in search engines. If it has been shown, the users won’t click on it as the first impression would be bad. It would not have a good title or a meta-description. Thus making your website SEO optimised is very important. Follow these simple steps & you will be able to make your site seo optimized in a few minutes


It is assumed that you have gone through the earlier tutorials and/or know well about how to create your website with wordpress & also know well about customizing your wordpress site. If you landed here directly & new to it, please read the following tutorials first:


  • Firstly login to your wordpress dashboard.
  • Click Plugins > Add New > Search for Yoast SEO.
  • Now install the Yoast SEO plugin & activate it.
  • Now add a new post.
  • Add content to it & give it a suitable title.
  • Now go to bottom of post & you will find Yoast SEO section
  • Firstly add a meta-description to it by deleting the default one. Meta-description is what a search engine displays when someone searches a site.
  • The meta-description should be short objective & should have words from the content. Moreover the meta-description should have those sentences from the content that is mostly searched. So you should write meta-description carefully
  • Now put a focus keyword. The focus keyword should be one that is found in title, site address, content & meta-description.
  • Now look at the negative points of your posts (those having a red dot at their starting. Try to solve most of them. E.g. it will ask you to upload a image & give it a alt text (that text which is shown when image is not loaded) Giving alt text is important as images also drive visitors to your site.
  • Add suitable tags to your site. Put as many tags as possible. The tags should be words from the content that are probably searched by the users.
  • Click Publish Article.
  • Click view post & see on the top. If you see a green dot, then your post is seo optimised.
  • If you see a saffron or red dot, then your post is seo poor & needs amendments.
  • One thing more your Post title should be of about 50 letters & content should have more than 300 letters.


  • Meta-description should have sentences from the content & should also contain the focus keyword.
  • Images should be relevant to content & should have alt text.
  • Title should be of about 50 letters & relating to the content.
  • Avoid subjectivity in the content, instead make it as objective as possible. But try to make it longer than 300 letters.
  • You should use the Yoast SEO plugin in every page & post.



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