Lines 1-9

An evening wet with rain
As i walk through the lane
The heart beckons the hands to hold them with love
The mind also knows subtle signals of the breeze
Should i stand on the ground or waft with the wind
Windows, doors, awnings of the house are wet
Cool breezes stir the leaves of the yonder banyan tree
The collar of my coat is also wet with drops of rain
All around reigns silence

Lines 10-21

My feet are cold with water seeping through my shoes
My eyes are heavy with sleep, or is it fever?
The ground is very slippery; there is no place to stand.
The mind is exhausted, looks for some spot to rest.
Loss of hope has darkened the evening of my life too
And clouds gathering in the mind shed tears as they pass
The evening of trouble, my companion, is also depressed
And takes me along,  holding me by the arm.
In childhood, I stood alone in my courtyard
And waves of air brought the sound of cymbals
We regret that the days gone by don't return
How to call back times past and gone!

Lines 22-29

The evening prepares to go to sleep in the lap of night
Slowly, softly just as the sky's feet touch the ground
Shadows of trees rest in the dark tank
As some passing cloud casts a shadow over hills.
There is activity in the houses lit with electric bulbs 
Moonlight laughs holding the hem of the moon.
Where is my destination? Where is the hurry?
Light of the earthen lamp in a wayside modest inn awaits me.

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