Improve Your Writing Skills in English Online

I have often asked on Quora questions like “How to improve my skills in English?”, “How to improve my writing skills at home?”, “How to speak English without hesitation?” etc. So I have written an article on How to Improve Your Skills in English | 5 Very Simple Steps.


It is the best way for a beginner. I improved my writing skills in English just by writing diary on daily basis. Every day, in the evening, I would write about all the activities that I did during day time, from going to school to eating food. Within one month, I found development in my writing. I felt difficulties but challenged them. And now I can easily write without facing problems. So if you are a beginner, you should start writing your personal diary.


When you recognize that you have developed your writing skills by writing diary, you should move to the next level! Start writing on everything you find around. E.g. chair, table, nature, trees, pencil etc. Writing on such thing will make you to express your thoughts freely.


Now read a text and make precise notes on it.

Jot some points relating to a particular topic and write a comprehensive easy on it.

Such practices will help you in tackling most of the situations in writing.


In your free time, take an interesting book and read it. Try to memorize new words. Also read articles online and focus on the structure of those articles, like how these articles are written, their length, wording, style, heading, conclusion etc. and write your essays or summaries in such patterns.


If you have developed your writing skills by the above mentioned steps, now it is the time to become expert and also professional. Find your area of interest (e.g. mine is English Literature) and start preparing articles on it. Create a blog (on WordPress or Blogger) and publish your articles there (Read this article if you want to establish your blog for free). There are many benefits of blogging.

  • It will help in your writing skills
  • By writing blogs, you will help thousands of others like you who would be in need of such articles.
  • Within a short span you will also learn to write as a professional.
  • You will become expert in your field.
  • It will make your outlook broad.
  • You can earn with your blog after sometime.