How to Start Earning with Your Site

If you are new to it, & landed here without reading the previous articles, please first read the following & then read this article.

  1. How to Create a Website-For Beginners.
  2. How to Customise Your WordPress Site.

If you have read these articles & have ample of knowledge about WordPress site, then continue reading.

Now, assuming that you have created your WordPress site, have customised it & have 5-6 pages as well as 30 above posts on it, then it won’t hurt to earn some money with your site.

Assuming one thing more that you know well about wordpress plugins after reading the article How to Customise Your WordPress Site, I will tell you how to earn with Google adsense & Infolinks. Google adsense is the best way to earn with your wordpress site.

Before that, it is important to tell you that never add any other ad-plugin other than the genuine adsense plugin & infolinks plugin. There are a lot of demerits of 3rd party plugins. E.g. 3rd party plugins cannot show responsive ad (i.e. ads will be displayed well on desktop but there will be only yellow rectangle on mobile phones. This means you won’t be able to earn if one opens your site from mobile). This is the major drawback of 3rd party ad-plugins. Moreover, 3rd party ad-plugins slow down the site. So it is very important to install only genuine plugin.

Adsense official logo
Infolinks Official Logo


Search for adsense in Google & sign up with your gmail id ([email protected]) & put your site there. It will take a week’s time for google to confirm your signup. There are 50-50 chances of acceptance as well as of rejection. If your signup is rejected for some cause, add more posts to your website & try again till your request is accepted.

Similarly search for infolinks in google & signup providing your name, email & website. Wait for some days till your request is accepted or rejected. Here also 50-50 chances of acceptance as well as of rejection of your request.

Getting Started

  • Login to your wordpress site ( & click Plugins > Add new. Search for adsense. The official Adsense plugin will have the official Adsense logo. Install it.
  • Now search for infolinks & install it too.
  • Activate both the plugins

Setting up Adsense

  • From Settings click Adsense & sign in with your email that you registered with adsense. Click Activate mobile adsense.
  • Also to assign positions to your ads on desktop, again click adsense from settings & Click where to show ads (for desktop).
  • You can show only 3 ads per page. So give good locations to your ads.
  • Better if you keep one ad in the right side bar, second below your primary menu & above the 1st post title & third near the footer.
  • Click save. After sometime, ads will appear on your site. On mobile device you will see two ads. One on the top & other at the bottom. Thats it!
  • Your site will generate revenue for you. Enjoy!

Setting Up Infolinks

Adding infolinks to your site is much more easier than adding adsense ads. Just go to Infolinks plugin & do as it asks to do.

Thats it!

If you worked hard with the collaboration of a few dedicated & honest friends, you site will generate enough revenue within a few years & there will be no need to struggle for a job.

One interesting thing worth sharing is that “WikiHow” site was initially launched by a single person. Now as many as 23 people are running the site. The site is generating enough revenue to satisfy the economic need of all those 23 people.

Good luck!

1st November 2015

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