With the development of internet technology, the concept of making money online has become very popular. Every individual having a Smartphone & PC desires to generate money online. So keeping in view the growing interest in this area, tens of thousands sites that will be telling you about the ways of online money making. Initially I too wasted much of my time in checking all the ways & ultimately earned experience instead of money. So I wished that you may not become the victim of such sites.

Majority of sites promising money are fake. They will attract you with the tagline “free” or “earn” & when you will go through the process, they will ask you to click on ads or deposit login fee or post their span links and what not.

Still there are some ways which really pay you & here I have tried to explain the most popular ones. You must remember that these methods will not pay you extraordinarily, but some of these really pay, if you work hard for some months or years.

Presenting Legitimate Ways of Earning Online…

1.     By Showing Ads on Your Site

This is the most popular way of earning online. Moreover, if you worked hard with full dedication, you will earn enough income to be called a Millionaire!

But this method is possible only if you have a Website/Blog. For A-Z information on creating a website (without any coding) read “How to Create a Website-For Beginners”.

Google Adsense, Chitika, Adrecover, Disuqs,  & Infolinks are my favorite ad-providers. Sign up for all of these, place the ad-codes on your Site & start earning. For more details read “How to Start Earning with Your Site

2.     By Completing Online Surveys

This is another popular method of earning some cash online. There are thousands of Online Survey Sites. These sites collect personal information of individuals for business purposes & in return give you little cash. You should create a separate email for survey purposes, as signing up for many sites will result in bombast of many messages inviting for survey.

My recommended Survey sites are- The Panel Station, Valued Opinions, Cash Only Surveys etc.

3.     By Affiliate Marketing

This method will work better, if you have a popular website having descent amount of visitors or social account. You will sell products of other companies & they will pay you commission for every sale. In this category, Clickbank & Amazon Affliatesare my favourite.

4.     By Tutoring Online

With the advancement of internet, online education has also achieved a prominent position. You may sign up as a teacher (if you have done M.A. or above degree) for an online educational site. In this regard, Meritnation.com & TutorVista are popular.

5.     By Selling Your Writing Skill

If you have a good writing skill & consider yourself to be a good writer, you can write articles on freelancer sites & they will pay you for each of your article. In this regard Freelancer.com is a renowned name.

6.     By Downloading Apps

This method will help you earn free recharge just by downloading & installing apps on your Smartphone. You download & install an app & the company pays you. In this regard, mCent is my favourite.

There are still many more ways of earning, but these are very popular & easy too. Please remember there are some sites announcing “we will pay you for data entry, ad posting, form filling. But first invest some money to activate your account”. Remember its just a trap for snatching your money. Its all fake. Beware of such sites.

Always keep in mind, the journey to success starts with one step and it takes long to achieve something. Every website starts with zero visitors and one becomes the bank of money. So keep hope and optimism alive in you and just go for it!

What are you waiting for??????

Start earning!

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