Assuming that you have learnt about creating, customizing & maintaining a website by learning the previous Articles, let us move to next level i.e. from free & beginner to paid & professional or from .tk domain name to .com or .net domain name

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If have not read the previous articles, then please read the following articles first:

Now that you have gained a lot of experience of website, by practising on free domain (, you would be thinking of having a professional looking website (.com/.net/.in etc.) having premium features.

Some Points to Remember Before Buying Domain Name

So let us create a professional site. Before buying a domain name from registrar, there are some important points that you must remember.

  • Beware of free domain name providers. They extract more money than others. E.g. they will provide you domain name free for sometime & after that they will demand more money than the others (like So the first point worth remembering is that one should beware from “Free domain name providers”.
  • Some sites provide domain name at low price for some time, after that they hike the price to skies. Beware from such sites too.
  • Always try to buy domain name & hosting from different sites. But if a site provides you free domain name with hosting plan, then there is no problem.

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Rates vary from domain-to-domain & site-to-site. So if you have decided to buy a .com domain, first compare the price of .com domain online. 1&1 & are cheapest. I would suggest you to register on any of them.


After selecting domain name provider, it is important to have a good website name. I would suggest you to search for website name generator. Put a name in the search box. It will show you hundreds of results. Choose the one you like most & buy it.

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Follow the steps as described in “How to Create a Website?-For Beginners” & thats it!

Additionally you can create Email forwarder account. (You create an email on your site like [email protected], & messages sent on this email will be forwarded to the email that you set as the receiver of forwarded messages.

I recommend you to keep as hosting provider as it offers premium features free that other hosting providers do not provide even after paying.

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