All That Glitters is Not Gold Essay

Guided by the appearance can be disastrous. In this world of deception and deceit, what is seen outwardly is not the reality. Often the glittering appearance hides the foulness of wickedness.

When advertisements, display, showiness, have all become the day of life, the judgment of reality has become very difficult. The good looking innocent people are the perfect cheat of the day. The only way to save ourselves from such hypocrites is to be very attentive and careful in life with good observance.

What is exhibited and displayed outwardly should not be taken as creditworthy. Visual appearances are commonly deceptive. The quality of a thing can only be judged by its use.

In many cases, a thing that appears to be very durable and cheap may turn out a duplicate. Duplicates or imitations commonly radiate more shine and glitter than the genuine one.

A person can be judged by his deeds, attitude, and aptitude. A coarse man may be more helpful and cooperative than a person of pleasant countenance.

A well dressed gentlemanly looking person is apt to deceive you by his outwards looks. What he intends to show may not be his actual intentions. His appearance may be delusory and misleading.

Try to ascertain his motives and analyze his actions. Keep a close vigil. What appears to be gold made turn out a yellow metal polish of gold on the iron fake color of gold on brass. So beware of the appearance just the things from its original contents, “all that glitter is not gold”.