Making a relationship is not a big issue, but maintaining the same really is. After commitment, some people develop some kind of bad things in their behavior which leads to the murder of relation. So guys, today I will explain some of these things, which you should give up, if you want to maintain your love life long.

1.    EGO

Love and ego cannot go hand-in-hand. An egoist cannot remain in love for long. Some people consider ego and attitude to be synonyms. But there is the difference of earth and sky between the two.

Attitude is your identity. It is the proof of your existence. But ego is something else. It is your rude behaviour towards your partner. So, if you are in a relation than divorce ego. Sometimes, it is important to bear some things rather than bearing the separation.


Obscene talks are one of the primary things that every person desires to discuss with his/her partner. Discussion about sex, body, lust, future children, 1st night etc is very attracting. But remember guys, these talks take away the joy and ecstasy of love.

You should always keep some things unexplored about your partner, so that you may never lose interest in him/her.


Never hurt the personal feelings of your partner in any way, it will pay you very bad some day. Some guys, to honour his/her own life directly or indirectly hurts the feelings of other guy. Such things remain unforgotten and any small fight will kill your relationship.

Always try to respect your partner, his/her family, his/her status, his/her way of life, his/her personal feelings etc. If you respect his/her feelings, it will surely pay you back.


Never change yourself for the other, or you may be taken for granted. I did not mean in any way that you should not quit your bad habits. You should really give up your bad habits. But changing your character, your behaviour, your way of life, your attitude towards your friends, family etc will make you less interesting.

So be you, even after commitment. You should be loved for who you are and not for what the other wants to make you.


Never downgrade yourself. Have ample of self-respect and self-dignity. Downgrading yourself will make your partner’s attitude pitiful towards you which will gradually make you to lose him/her. You should always express before your partner that you are happy with your life, your family, your status, your friends etc.

Adopt these simple things and start seeing a gradual change in your romantic life! Good luck!!

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