Few points on Washing Hand

Importance of washing hand

  1. 15 October is Celebrated as  Global Handwashing Day.
  2. Washing hand reduces respiratory and intestinal disease by 50%.
  3. The ideal time to wash your hands is 30 second. 
  4. Wet your hand and apply soap. Rub your palm together. 
  5. One can use hand sanitiser.
  6. Washing hands before and after meals are important.
  7. Washing hands after playing.
  8. Washing hands after using the toilets.
  9. When you have a cough and sneezing it’s an important habit.
  10. When you are around someone who is ill.

WHO hand hygiene 7 Steps

  1. Wet your hand and apply soap.
  2. Rub your palm together
  3. Rub back of your hands.
  4. Rub the hands with the interlocking of fingers.
  5. Rub back of your finger and fingertips.
  6. Rub the thump and end of wrists. 
  7. Rinse both your hand properly with water

Washing hand properly keep away many communicable diseases like coronavirus, cough, cold etc.

Question on washing hands

What is the ideal time to Washing hand?

30 second is an ideal time to wash hand.

Why is hand washing important?

When hands are washed it became clean. This helps to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Washing hands with soap are important to step towards hygiene.

Ten lines on washing hand in English. These points can be added in your essay, speech or presentation in schools, colleges and in any other works.