Few points about Rhinoceros in English

  1. Rhinoceros means Nose horn mammal. It is found in Asia and Africa. 22 September is celebrated as World Rhinoceros Day.
  2. There are five sub species of rhinoceros namely Black, Rhinoceros, Indian or greater one-horned rhinoceros, Javan and Sumatran. The Black, Javan, and Sumatran rhinoceros are critically endangered as per IUCN red list.
  3. Sumatran rhinoceros have two horns, while the Indian and Javan rhinoceros have a single horn.
  4. The weight of a full-grown rhino is around 7700 pounds. It is the second-largest mammal after elephants. Rhinos has the ability to swim.
  5. Rhinoceros give birth to one calf at a time. The average life span is around 40 years.