Few Lines on Mobile Phone

  1. A mobile phone is a small electronic device. It is handy and portable.
  2. Initially, the phones used to have buttons and a small screen. It just had basic functions like calling, SMS, etc
  3. However, with the development of technology, a revolution came into mobile phones.
  4. Now phones can do everything like accessing the internet, getting an education, news updates, gaming, etc.
  5. Mobile phones have even replaced laptops. Most of the things can be done on mobile phones. 
  6. Even the camera of mobile phones has improved so much that we do not need high-tech and costly cameras. 
  7. Students can access e-books, notes, articles, educational videos on the phones.
  8. Many people have made their careers on phones. e.g. we have Tiktokkers, Youtubers, Instagram Influencers, Twitterati, etc.
  9. A lot of people play games like PUBG, Game of Thrones, Candy Crush on phones.
  10. It will not be wrong to say that mobile phones have revolutionized the world.