Being Dutiful to Parents in Islam

Allah ????? ordered every Muslim to treat their parents well. Thus dutiful to parents has a great significance in Sheriah.

Meaning of service to parents is:
* We should not say something to our parents or ask something to do that irritates or hurts them.
* We should serve them with our might & wealth.
* When in need, we should go to them.
* If we have to serve our parents on the cost of Navafils, i.e. we should omit the latter, because, service of parents is more important than Navafils. But we cannot omit obligatory prayers for the service of parents.
* We should love them by heart.
* Talk to them with obedience.
* Talk high of them.
* Always try to fulfill their desires.
* Never hide the wealth from them.
* After their death, recite Fatiha & Dua-e-Magfirat (prayer for their well being) & also recite Qur’an for them.
* Visit their grave(s) weekly. (Fatah-ul-Aziz)
* If they are habitual of committing sins, one should  advice them with love & affection & try to bring them to the apt path. (Hazin)

Any mistake on my part, may please be forgiven.