Modern Novel in English Characteristics

Introduction The modern age is essentially the age of the novel. This is the most important and popular medium in modern times. English fiction (novel) is the only literary form which can compete for popularity with the film and the radio. The publication of new English fiction (novel) by a novelist is received now with … Read more

20th Century (Modern) Poetry characteristics

Introduction The 20th century was like no time period before it. Einstein, Darwin, Freud, and Marx were just some of the thinkers who profoundly changed the Western Culture. These changes took distinct shape in the literature of the 20th century. Modernism, a movement that was a radical break from 19th century Victorianism, led to post-modernism, … Read more

Victorian Novel Characteristics

Introduction The Victorian Age is essentially the age of the novel or fiction. During this period, the novel made rapid progress. This was partly because this middle-class form of literary art was bound to flourish increasingly as the middle class rose in power and importance, partly because of the steady increase of the reading public … Read more

Characteristics of Victorian Prose

Introduction Like the other forms of the literature, namely poetry and novel, the Victorian prose was also informed by the spirit of Realism. While the prose of Romantic Movement was highly imaginative, written for the sole purpose of describing personal experiences, nor for exploring the realms of imaginations, but for intellectual debate on contemporary problems … Read more

The Victorian Era Literature Characteristics

Introduction Victorian Literature is the literature produced during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) A.D. During this time, England was undergoing a tremendous cultural upheaval; the accepted forms of literature, art and music had undergone a radical change. The Romantic Movement, which preceded the Victorian Renaissance, had often portrayed the human pursuit of knowledge and … Read more

Romantic Prose Characteristics

Introduction Essays have variable shapes and therefore, it is understandable that though numerous attempts have been made to give a definition to the essay, yet none has met with complete success. Most of such attempts succeeded in covering only a part of the compositions which commonly go under the label of the essay. A comprehensive … Read more

Romantic Poetry Characteristics

Back From Set Rules The poetry of the Romantic Revival is in direct contrast to that of Neoclassical. In the 18th century, poetry was governed by set rules and regulations. There were well-prepared lines of poetic composition. And any deviation from the rules was disliked by the teachers of poetic thought. The first thing that … Read more

Romantic Movement in Literature

Origin Romantic Movement dates its origin in 1798 A.D. with the publication of Lyrical Ballads. Lyrical Ballads is a Magna-Carta (big constitution) of the Romantic Movement. This movement in literature was preceded and accompanied by the change from monarchy to democracy in politics, from materialism to idealism in philosophy, from conservation (old style) to radicalism … Read more