Few Lines on Watermelon

Watermelon is a large fruit spherical in shape. It grows during the season of summer. Watermelon is very rich in various vitamins and minerals. It also has various other nutrients which are helpful for keeping the human body fit and healthy. The outer part of the watermelon is mostly green. However, the inner part or … Read more

5 Sentences about Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a fruit and not a vegetable is commonly believed. There are several types of pumpkins. It also has various colors. Most of the pumpkins are either round and oval or even spherical in shape. Pumpkins are grown and eaten in most of the countries in the world. It keeps us healthy and fit. … Read more

5 Sentences on Swan

Swan is a bird that usually swims on water bodies like ponds, streams, etc. A swan looks like a duck as it has a long beak, white feathers, and wings, etc. In spite of having wings, it cannot fly. However, it can take long jumps. The swans eat small insects, fishes, and other small animals. … Read more

5 Lines on Diwali

Diwali is known as the festival of lights and candles. It comes mostly in the months of October and November. It is one of the most important festivals among Hindus. It is believed that on this day Ram and Sita returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravan. On this day, sweets are exchanges, crackers are burst … Read more

5 Lines on Holi

Holy is an important festival among the believers of Hinduism. It is celebrated throughout India with great pomp and show. On this day, people throw colors on each other and play throughout the day. Pujas are conducted at homes as well as in the temples. Houses are decorated. People exchange sweets, gifts and other valuables … Read more

5 lines on Republic Day

Republic Day is the national festival of the World’s largest democratic country India. It is celebrated across the country with great pomp and show on 26th January every year. On this special day in 1950, we adopted our constitution which is the largest written constitution in the world. On this day, many militaries as well … Read more

5 lines about Elephant

Elephant is a domestic animal and is used by humans. It is the largest known animal on land. It is used to carry load.  It is also used in circuses. It’s dung is used as manure in crops.

5 sentences about Clock

Clock is a very a very important device. It is used by humans to know about the time. Without clock we cannot know what exact time is. A clock has three hands. One shows seconds, the other shows minutes and the third one shows hours.  The seconds hand if the fastest. And hours hand is … Read more