10 Lines on Cow

The cow is a domestic animal. It is very gentle and timid. It has four legs, one tail, two eyes, and two horns. The young one of the cow is called a calf. There are many types, colors, and breeds of a cow across the world. It is a herbivore animal and eats grass, leaves … Read more

10 Lines on Save Earth

Earth or the Blue Planet the only planet in the universe so far which supports life. It is our motherland. It is the home to all kinds of organisms including plants, animals, and humans. Nowadays Earth is endangered because of pollution, deforestation, industrialization, war and population explosion. The first important thing which we should think … Read more

10 Lines on Save Water Save Life

Water is the most essential part of the earth. Without water, no living organism can survive. Animals living in the rivers, seas, and oceans cannot live without water. Each day tonnes of garbage are directly or indirectly thrown into the river and oceans which makes the water polluted and poisonous.  A lot of pollutants (that … Read more

10 Lines on Solar System

Our solar system consists of 1 sun which is a star. It is a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Solar System is about 4.6 billion years old. Around the sun 8 main planets revolve in their particular axis. These 8 Planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Some of the … Read more

10 Lines on Earth

Earth is a planet that revolves around the sun in our solar system. It is the only known planet in the universe that supports life. No living organism can survive on other planets Earth is also known as the Blue Planet as it looks blue from the space because of seas. More than 70% of … Read more

10 Lines on My Hobby

A hobby is something which one loves to do in his/her leisure time. Different people have different hobbies. My favorite hobby is reading books. I spend my leisure time reading all types of books. Literature is my favorite genre. I spend most of my time in reading novels, drama and short stories. I have made … Read more

10 Lines on My Teacher

A teacher is a person who teaches us books and helps us gain knowledge. In all the religions, a teacher is always given a respectable position.  In Hinduism, a teacher is called Guru and he is considered to be God-like. In Islam, it is believed that no one can pay the price of knowledge imparted … Read more

10 Lines on Post Office

Post Office is one of the most important parts of any country. Post office one of the oldest and most trusted departments.  For many decades, people used to send letters, money, gifts, etc to their distant friends and relatives via the post office. It is also one of the cheapest ways to send things to … Read more

10 Lines on Tailor

A tailor is also known as a seamster (male), or a seamstress (female). A tailor is an important part of our society. He makes our clothes and most women. He has a sewing machine, scissors, inch-tape, scale, chalks and several clothes and pieces of clothes. Tailors create beautiful and attractive designs. They can design all types of … Read more