If a girl accepts your proposal, it does not mean that she has made you her soul mate. It is indeed a difficult task to become the soul mate of your beloved. For being her soul mate, you will have to win her heart, her trust and her love.

This is not an overnight task but requires some trouble. Read this article to know about the things that a girl would like in you. In this article, I will explain some activities which a girl hates, if you accomplish. Read this article and try to give up those activities if you possess any of those.


If a girl becomes yours, it never means that you can do whatever you want. When you are committed in a relation, be a good guy. Never ignore your girl when she texts you or calls you or desires to meet you. Respect her feelings for you. If you have any problem, you should tell her frankly instead of ignoring her, it won’t hurt her.


A girl hates guys with negative thoughts and pessimists as well. Always be optimistic. Have will-power and self-confidence in yourself so that your girl may be proud to have a person like you. Never pave way to negative thoughts, be positive in all the circumstances of life.


It is one of the worst things that a good girl always hates. Remember guys, your girl should be in your heart and should never become the victim of your lust. Be positive with your beloved. Your love should be so sacred that you may respect her as she is your future wife. Let her virginity remain retained till she becomes your wife.


A girl likes a guy who respects her and never abuses or blames her. Hurting her self-respect is one of the worst acts. Try to be calm and control your tongue even when in worst fight so that she may respect you forever.


A bore is very unattractive, particularly for girls. Be humorous and be a little bit funny and witty. Never bore a girl, or your relationship will be affected. If you have no talks left, then simply ask her to talk to you later but never bore her. Explore the things that make her happy and blissful and avoid the topics that she doesn’t like or those which bore her. Be with her in such a way that whenever you go away, she may wait for you eagerly.


It is also one of the worst acts in a relationship. Treat her like your unique and peerless princess and never say to her, “that girl is good or cute or anything like that”. Let your concentration be on your beloved and you may make other girls jealous of your beloved.


Never be either spendthrift or miser. Always be moderate. Being selfish will make her to hate you and being spendthrift will affect your personal life.

Avoid these things and be her best friend, and she will give you her heart and soul.



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