10 points on harmful effects of plastic bags in English for Students and Children

10 lines on Say No to Plastic Bags

  1.  Plastic bags are one of the major causes of pollution. 
  2. Plastic bags choke the drainage system.
  3. Stray animals eat those plastic bags which led to their death. 
  4. In India manufacturing, stocking and use of single-use plastic are banned. 
  5. These are not biodegradable; they pollute land and water.
  6. Say No to Plastic bags campaign led to the participation of people for this important cause. 
  7. Plastic has also polluted the ocean, river and groundwater. 
  8. Plastic is made from petroleum product which is a non-renewable resource. 
  9. Its chemical mix with the food which is toxic in nature. 
  10. Toxic chemicals are released during its manufacturing.

These ten lines give you an idea about Plastic Bags. Students can use the ten points in essays, speeches and paragraph on Plastic Bags.