10 points about fish in English for Students and Children

Ten lines on Fish

  1. A fish is an aquatic animal i.e. it lives underwater and cannot live without it.
  2. It is very slippery. It has two eyes, fins, wings etc and many people have aquariums at home where beautiful fishes are kept. 
  3. There are hundreds of species of fishes on earth.
  4.  A group of fish called Shoal. When they move they look beautiful. 
  5. The blue whale is the largest animal on earth. A grown-up Blue Whale is heavier than 30 elephants.
  6. The fish is an important part of our diet. It is eaten in most of the coastal areas and is an integral part of their food.
  7. I love to fish and we often go for fish hunting.
  8. Fishing has now become one of the biggest trades in the world. 
  9. India is one of the biggest producers of fishes.
  10. Fish have a good sense of sound and are considered intelligent.