10 Lines on Zoo

  1. A zoo is a place where different types of animals are kept in cages.
  2. There are different types of animals like Tiger, Lion, Zebra, Chimpanzee, Deer, etc.
  3. The zoo also has different types of birds like parrot, pigeon, rare sparrows, kite, nightingale, etc.
  4. The animals are given proper care. The zoo-keepers give them proper food and water on time. The doctors keep occasionally check their health.
  5. A zoo is filled always remains crowded as people come from far away to see the forest animals and birds with their eyes.
  6. Nowadays, people take selfies and videos of the animals to show to others and post on social media.
  7. There are zoos in almost every state of our country.
  8. Though animals are given full care yet their freedom is taken away.
  9. No animal likes to remain in the cage.
  10. We often see the animals lying on the ground waiting for anybody to set them free.