10 Lines on Water

  1. Water is an important part of the earth. Every living thing on earth needs water. No organism can live without water.
  2. Around 70% of the earth’s surface is filled with water. The rest is land. Most of the water is seas.
  3. All the organisms living underwater like fishes die as soon as they are taken out of water.
  4. Water has three forms – solid (in the form of snow), liquid (in the form of water) and gas (in the form of water vapors).
  5. Water also has many uses in our day to day life. We use it to take a bath, cook food, drink, was clothes, utensils, etc.
  6. Water is also used to generate electricity. This electricity is known as hydroelectricity.
  7. Water is also used for transportation. We transport heavy material from one place with the help of ships which float on water.
  8. Water falls from the sky in the form of rain which helps the plant to grow, keep the environment clean and sustain the environment.
  9. Snow (which is the solid form of water) keeps the environment cool.
  10. We should try to save water.