10 Lines on Trees

  1. Trees are a very important part of the earth.
  2. They take carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. Without oxygen, a human being cannot live for even 2 minutes.
  3. There are thousands of types of trees. Each country on earth has plants and trees.
  4. Trees keep the environment cool. They also clean the air by taking harmful gases.
  5. The cotton given by trees is used to make clothes which human being wear.
  6. They give us wood which is used for making books, windows and also for burning.
  7. Trees give us fruits like apples, mangoes, bananas, oranges, kiwi, etc.
  8. Many trees are used to make medicines that keep us away from diseases.
  9. Forests are home to thousands of animals like lion, tiger, deer, monkey, etc.
  10. We cannot live without trees. Hence we should always protect trees and plant as many trees as possible.