10 lines on the Importance of Water in English

  1. Water is important for life on Earth. 
  2. 70 % of the earth’s surface is covered with water.
  3. Freshwater is important for animals, plants, human being which is just 2.5% of all water present in earth rest is saline water.
  4. Saving water is the focus of all the governments of the world for sustainable development. 
  5. India is a rain-dependent country for its agriculture. The government makes efforts to save this rainwater.
  6. In India, we made big dams to store water for agriculture, supply water in cities etc. and it also produces electricity. This makes India self-sufficient in food security. 
  7.  Many parts of India in summer have a severe scarcity of water. We should not wastewater. 
  8. Water harvesting is a way to recharge groundwater. This helps our cities to sustain themselves for the future.
  9. One can reduce the wastage of water by using them careful use like gardening, washing cars, washing clothes etc.
  10. Interconnecting the rivers is an important project to save water in India.