10 lines on Subhash Chandra Bose

  1. Subhas Chandra bose was born in 1897 in Cuttack.
  2. Subhas Chandra bose popularly known as Netaji.
  3. He cleared the prestigious Indian Civil Service ICS and resigned in 1921. 
  4. He joined Congress at a young age and became president of All India Youth Congress in 1923.
  5. He was jailed for the Civil Disobedience movement and later became Mayor of Calcutta in 1930.
  6. Bose became president of Indian National Congress in 1939.
  7. He resigned from congress and form All India Forward Block due to the difference with Mahatma Gandhi.
  8. He escaped from house detention and met Hitler.
  9. He formed Azad Hind Fauj for the independence of India from British rule.
  10. Bose has given the slogan “ Tum Mujhe Khoon do main Tumhe Azadi Dunga” meaning give me blood and I shall give you freedom.