10 Lines on Save Water Save Life

  1. Water is the most essential part of the earth. Without water, no living organism can survive.
  2. Animals living in the rivers, seas, and oceans cannot live without water.
  3. Each day tonnes of garbage are directly or indirectly thrown into the river and oceans which makes the water polluted and poisonous. 
  4. A lot of pollutants (that cause pollution) like plastic, radioactive elements, oil, insecticides, and pesticides go into the water that not only makes the water unusable but also makes it dangerous for the organisms living underwater.
  5. As water is crucial for us, we should save it. There are a number of ways we can save water.
  6. Rain Water Harvesting is very important for saving water. In this technique, the roofs of houses are shaped in the form of large tanks. Whenever it rains, the water is collected which can be used for a long period of time.
  7. Another important way of saving water is by recycling it. Dirty water can be purified and cleansed by using Sewage Treatment Plants.
  8. At the home, schools, and workplaces, we can save water by stopping its unnecessary wastage.
  9. We should organize meetings, debates, and other functions to spread awareness about the importance of water and the ways by which we can save it.
  10. Water is an important part of our lives. We should never take it granted or else we will die of thirst without water.