10 lines on Save Water in English

  1. Human beings, animals, plants all need water. 
  2. We use water daily for drinking, bathing, washing etc. 
  3. Saving water is important due to the scarcity of water in cities and villages.
  4. Rain harvesting is a measure of saving rainwater which can be used later.
  5. Traditionally humans save rainwater through building lakes, ponds, step well etc.
  6. Dams are built to save water which we use for agriculture purpose, industrial purpose, household use etc. 
  7. Cherrapunji in India records the highest rainfall but in summer there is a scarcity of water. People save rainwater to use them during the summer. 
  8. Planting trees is important to save water and reduce soil erosion. 
  9. The government launched the National Water Mission for sustainable development.
  10. 22 March is celebrated as World Water Day.