10 lines on Save Electricity in English

Ten important points on Save Electricity in simple English

  1. Power is Save equal to Power Generated. Saving electricity is important.
  2. Switch off the light and electric appliances.
  3. In India electricity is generated in thermal plants using coal. By saving electricity it reduces pollution.
  4. One can save money just by saving electricity.
  5. Use of curtains and closing doors reduces the cost of heating and cooling. 
  6. New LED bulbs help to reduce electric consumptions. 
  7. Use of energy rating label devices.
  8. Using solar energy devices help to reduce the power bills like solar cooker, solar water heater, solar panels etc.
  9. The houses should be designed so that they can use natural light.
  10. It’s important not to misuse of any resource as it is linked with energy for example Tap water, the water pump is used to lift the water. 

Essay on Electricity in simple language for students and children. Ten important points on how to safe the electricity which is now becoming an important part of human life. These ten lines can be used in essays, short speeches, paragraphs etc in school, colleges and in any other works. These points help children to make habits to save electricity.