10 Lines on Save Earth

  1. Earth or the Blue Planet the only planet in the universe so far which supports life. It is our motherland.
  2. It is the home to all kinds of organisms including plants, animals, and humans.
  3. Nowadays Earth is endangered because of pollution, deforestation, industrialization, war and population explosion.
  4. The first important thing which we should think of is pollution. There can be any type of pollution. e.g. Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, Noise Pollution, Radioactive Pollution, Plastic Pollution.
  5. We should find techniques for reducing pollution whenever possible. We should organize events, functions, and debates to spread awareness about pollution and its side-effects.
  6. Deforestation is also a serious problem. Every day, thousands of trees are cut down to meet the demands of a growing population. We must try saving each and every tree and also plant as many trees as possible.
  7. Industrialization is also an important issue. The government should take measures to control the overuse of land, resources by industries and also should restrict the excess of pollutants that come from them.
  8. War is one of the worst enemies of the earth. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the two victims of nuclear weapons. The world must think of peace and try avoiding war or else no organism will be able to survive on earth.
  9. Population explosion is also a serious issue. Humankind is growing at a very fast rate which then gives birth to other problems that are mentioned above. We should spread awareness about controlling the population.
  10. Earth is very important for us. Hence we should respect it and save it.