10 Lines on Post Office

  1. Post Office is one of the most important parts of any country.
  2. Post office one of the oldest and most trusted departments. 
  3. For many decades, people used to send letters, money, gifts, etc to their distant friends and relatives via the post office.
  4. It is also one of the cheapest ways to send things to people living far away from us.
  5. Before the evolution of the internet and technology, post-office was the only source of communication among the people living far away.
  6. The soldiers used to send letters to their nears and dears. And the people used to wait eagerly for their letters
  7. In spite of the evolution of the internet, post-office is very important for us.
  8. All the official documents are always sent through post-office.
  9. Passports, Job Letters, Degrees, etc are all sent to the people via post-office.
  10. Our life will be very difficult without post-office.