10 Lines on Pilot

  1. Pilot is a man who flies aeroplanes and helicopters.
  2. He flies private planes, commercial aeroplanes, military helicopters, warplanes etc.
  3. To become a pilot, one must have a healthy body. 
  4. He must have good eyesight. Those having problems with their eyes cannot become pilots.
  5. A pilot has to undergo hard and rigorous training before he could fly an aeroplane.
  6. Most of the pilots have to fly private planes before flying commercial aeroplanes.
  7. The diet of the pilots is very strict. They cannot eat anything which may cause them problems while in the air.
  8. The experience of a pilot is counted on the basis of hours which they spend in the air.
  9. The life of a pilot is always in risk. A storm, a defect in the plane, rain or signal problem can make the plane crash. There is almost no hope of survival if a plane crashes.
  10. A pilot plays a very important role in society. We must respect the pilots.