10 Lines on Pen

  1. Pen is a very important instrument and is used by people across the world.
  2. The pen is used to write on papers.
  3. The pen is different from pencil. The pencil is made up of wood and graphite (which writes).
  4. A pen has a plastic body called a barrel, an ink reservoir or chamber, a tip (which writes), a cap.
  5. Pen can be of different colours like blue, green, red, black etc.
  6. Fountain pen is different from the normal one. It is refilled again and again. Its nib is bigger than the ball-point pen.
  7. Pen is a very powerful instrument. Wise men say, “Pen is mightier than the sword”.
  8. A pen in the hands of an officer can change the fortune of a person. It can give someone death sentence or life.
  9. Our education is incomplete without pens.
  10. Now a days we also have advanced pens like 3D pens, laser pens etc. Pens thus hold very significant position in our society.